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Inner Warriors

Dolly Lama

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Danielle Dax

I discovered this majestic beauty just recently and it’s blowing my mind. Her haunting image won’t sway very far from my thoughts, I dream of her, I dance to her and I envy her I want her to come over and dance with me naked under the stars. I want to kiss the embryo she once occupied. She is intoxicating, freakish, and soulful. She has the voice of a prehistoric bird but not just any prehistoric bird but a prehistoric bird that can communicate with the ancient mystics through wingless flight. She is ancient and she is futuristic.

My favorite ditty from Miss Dax is Evil-Honky Stomp off of Jesus Egg That Wept. It has a tape loop of some old honky-tonk Jukebox Boogie that gives it a stimulating baby making beat. Then enters some bad bone gritty fuzzed out guitar swimming in a sea of the most haunting adorable vocals . It’s been a wild adventure listening and watching her fascinating artistic style she is truly a diamond.